Overview of our Credit Services

Whether you are a one-man-band, or you run a multi-national business, we can help.

Our Credit Services

Whether you are a one-man-band, or you run a multi-national business, we can help.

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What we Offer

If you cannot find what you are looking for or you need a blend of our services, please contact us for further advice.

Credit Management

Our credit managers have extensive experience in re-structuring ineffective credit departments and clearing backlogs of debt. We help improve cash flow, manage/hire staff and minimise bad debt. We have combined our wealth of knowledge to help SMEs. Read more

Credit Control

We have clients with as little as 20 accounts or larger businesses with thousands of customers. Let us take some of the weight off your shoulders. All our credit controllers know how to build up key relationships. You as the customer are always in control, you tell us how hard to push and when using our traffic light system.

Debt Recovery

If you have tried conventional methods of chasing a customer for a one-off debt or several unpaid invoices, why not try our no-win, no-fee debt recovery service?

Our Specialties

Clearing old debt, reconciling ledgers, collecting cash

We have a vast array of Credit expertise from various industries such as Construction, Media, Insurance, Legal, and Banking. We manage the Credit cycle from cradle to grave.

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Troubleshoot Debt Books.

Image of words TroubleshootingOur highly experienced troubleshooters can come in and reform your credit department.  We can also manage the whole billing and accounts receivable process and work out the problem areas.

Allow us to bring in new ideas

Image of a light bulb in soil shining brightlyWe bring a fresh approach that will help bring in savings for your business, saving you time and money. Sometimes expensive systems are not needed but streamlining your processes can yield better cashflow results.

Blending seamlessly with your team

Image of group of people working togetherWe choose staff based on their experience as well as their personalities. It is important for us that our staff will continue to build relationships with YOUR customers.

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"Focus on your business!"

Let us help you to grow your Business. Many business owners come to us after they are in financial difficulties. Be proactive, and understand your sales ledger, so you are not caught out when your invoice/s are not paid. Be ahead of the curve”. Sheila Chadha, MCICM, MD

Our past and current clients

Trusted by Top Companies Around the Globe

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