Our debt recovery service is an easy to access and affordable service. If you have one off debts problems, and our credit control service doesn’t quite cover your needs, our debt recovery might be suitable.

Proven Success


This is an easy-to-access and affordable B2B service. If you have one-off debt problems, but don’t need our credit management service, choose our debt recovery.


Debt recovery success rate

Our debt recovery team will send letters/emails and phone calls to discuss the issues and find out the reasons why a Customer is refusing to pay you. Sometimes it’s not a question of money but a dispute they have. Other times the Customer is just clearly trying to avoid paying. The Credit Collections Company can issue a final demand and issue court proceedings if needed. We will keep chasing the customer until we exhaust all avenues.

If this fails, we will discuss legal options available to you. We may need to trace* a missing debtor if letters, emails and phone calls are ending in dead ends.

We simply charge a flat percentage fee and we operate on a No Win, No Fee basis*.

We take the risk, so we make it easier for you. You know what you will pay upfront. No hidden fees! This service is for B2B Customers only.

*Tracing and legal costs are not included in our fee. We will always try and recover additional costs plus any statutory interest from the debtor. Please ask our advice if you are not sure.