Debt Recovery

No debt is too big or small. With our no win, no fee, you have nothing to lose.

Debt Recovery

No debt is too big or small. With our no win, no fee, you have nothing to lose.

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Our Debt Recovery Service is an easy-to-access and affordable B2B service. We accept debts from £200 upwards, and you only pay us Commission, if we successfully recover your debt*.


Debt recovery success rate

What makes us different? We have a team of certified credit managers and highly experienced credit controllers, who have a wealth of knowledge in debt recovery and the legal system. We will guide you through the whole legal process, but we have put together a handy guide that you can download here. We offer this alternative service for SMEs, who would otherwise be unable to recover their unpaid debts.

We don’t make promises that we will recover everything 100% of the time, but we will tell you, when it is not viable to pursue a debt through the courts. That is why our Debt recovery service, with its no win, no fee, is perfect if you would like us to attempt to recover your debt before considering legal action.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery imageIf you have a one-off invoice or several unpaid bills but are still struggling to recover your money, you may want to consider using our Debt Recovery Service.

Our debt recovery team will send letters by recorded post as well as by email and follow up with phone calls, to discuss the issues and to find out why a customer is refusing or cannot pay you. If a debtor has absconded, we can request a trace* to locate them.

The Credit Collections Company can guide you through the legal process if needed but we use this only as a last resort with your consent. We keep chasing the debtor until we exhaust all avenues, as we don’t get paid, till you do.

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Many of our customers have struggled to recover unpaid debts, especially during the Covid Pandemic. With many businesses failing, it is sometimes hard to recover funds, especially if the debtor is on the verge or is insolvent.

For those Debtors managing to survive, we work with them to recover as many funds as possible or negotiate repayment plans. We try to keep your costs down as we want to save you money. That is why, if legal action is needed, we offer some of the lowest Legal costs for debts below £10,000.00. We charge up to a flat 20% if your case is issued in court.**

If all recovery attempts have failed, we will discuss the legal options available to you. We will also advise if it is prudent to proceed with legal proceedings, as not all cases are worth pursuing through the courts if there is little chance of recovery, as this, in turn, could save you money on expensive legal costs.

*Terms and Conditions apply

**Legal costs are separate from our Commission. Legal costs cover court and solicitor fees only. We make all attempts to recover your debt pre-legal, and if successful, you only pay us a commission.

Disclaimer. Please note we are not a law firm and do not provide legal services or advice. We work in collaboration and in conjunction with solicitors. If you require legal services or advice you should contact a solicitor or alternatively, we can put you in touch with our collaborators.

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