Credit Management

Are you having problems with collecting unpaid invoices? Do you have difficulties saying no or enforcing your terms with customers?



Credit risk, Credit mangement & Overall debt management.

“We want to show you  by investing in the right people and having the right advice/strategy we can help turn those old aging debts into positive cash in your bank.” – Sheila Chadha

Our Credit managers specialise in Credit risk, collections, billing and overall credit management. If your cashflow or working capital requirements are increasing and you have alot of outstanding debts, you need to look at the reasons why. We will help analyse the problems, the solution and work on resolving your problems.

“I made a 1 Million pounds in sales last year!” and you may say that’s great but if you were then to say “I made 1 Million pounds in sales but only collected £100,000.00 last year”, alarm bells would go off. We would want to find out why there is such a large shortfall in your cash collections. The cost is a lot greater to your business than not having £900,000.00 in your bank. Not only are you losing on potential interest but you are financing that shortfall in your business in the form of overdraft and/or loans.

Sheila Chadha

Sheila Chadha

Managing Director aka Credit Angel

I have worked with many small, medium and large Corporations throughout my career and have become known as the ‘Fixer’. If you have poor cashflow, an under performing team or years of uncollected debt, I will come in either as an advisor or I can roll up my sleeves and manage the team for you to sort out the issues. Even if you are a small business, you are not alone! I wil hold your hand through the whole process and guide you back into a positive cash position. 

Telecomms giant

Set up a whole new Carrier finance division when they first launced in the UK. Bridging relationships, increasing sales, and improving overall productivity of the team.

Retail business for Construction

Identified years of cash mismanaged cash allocations, improved accuracy of statements and tightened security access to credit accounts.

Litigation and PPI Lawyers

Cleaned up several years of uncollected debts, tightened procedures and improved overall cashflow.