Credit Control

Good credit control is quintessential for any business.

Credit Control

Good credit control is quintessential for any business.

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Tame your Credit Control in 3 easy steps

Credit Control is one of the most neglected elements of running a business. It is usually vastly under-resourced and does not always have the right skill sets in terms of personnel.

Ensuring you are giving your customers the time and attention it needs is vital, not only for your cash balance but also for maintaining your business relationships. Good Credit Control can potentially keep your bad debt down.

No one likes receiving an invoice for something incorrectly billed, but if you don’t resolve the issue, a customer can lose faith in you and your business, especially if an error is repeatedly made. Sometimes it can be a lack of customer service or poor accounting that makes customers leave. How do you feel when you receive poor service, then are expected to pay for it? 

Credit Control is not just about picking up the phone. It’s about building that relationship, so a customer can tell you when they are not happy. Our credit controllers work for you on a flexible basis* depending on the number of clients you have.

We can train alongside a staff member to learn your systems or use our in-house credit control system. We can act as part of your Company so your customers will never know the difference so we work seamlessly with you if you so wish, or you can completely outsource the collections to us.

We understand that not all businesses can afford to have a full-time credit controller or a team, and that is where we can help, to bridge that gap until you hire someone full-time, or you can expand your contract with us to ensure you can be free to run your business.

*Subject to contract

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All our friendly credit controllers work a traffic light system. By default, all our calls are friendly unless you advise otherwise.

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If you need us to be firmer with certain customers, simply let us know. Some people have a hard time saying no, and that’s ok, as that is what we’re here for.

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Image of friendly credit controller

Time is money.

We look after your customers, leaving you free to run your business.

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We save you money.

Help your business to grow and flourish.

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