Court Action

If you have tried sending various letters/emails and relentless phone calls, and you are finding you are not achieving anything or we have issued a final demand on your behalf, you may want to consider taking a debtor to court.

We will deal with all the court documents and advise you on what documents we need. We will fill out the forms and guide you throughout each step, so you are aware of each action we are taking.

We will carry out a risk assessment first*, to assess if you have a strong enough case. We charge an one-off admin charge to cover the costs of doing background checks and tracing a client to ensure we know where they live or where their place of business is. We will then come back to you with our opinion. Not all cases are worthwhile taking to court, so please do some basic checks first before coming to us or we may decline your case.**

1. Is the debt value above £1,000.00?

2. Do you have a contract or something in writing that confirms you have an agreement in place?

3. Did you attempt to contact the debtor at least 3 times and put in writing that they owe you a debt?

4. Have you issued an LBA (Letter before Action)? (This is compulsory before you can take further action).

*(Upfront Admin charges apply).

**Admin fees are non-refundable.

*** Court fees are not included in our fees. These will vary depending on the value of your debt, if the case is defended, you may need a Barrister to defend your case. Not all cases will need to go to court.