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What is good Credit Control Management?

Credit Control is all about good foundations. Any company needs to get paid, and this means every healthy business needs a plan to make sure this happens in a timely and organised fashion. You cannot control your customers, but you can have a good, solid plan on how to interact with them; and what...

Our Credit Angels

Good Credit management is essential to avoid unpaid invoices being left outstanding for several months. This can lead to bad debt increasing and will lead to cash flow problems now or further down the line. If you don’t have a strategy to collect it (or even worse, don’t even know how much money you are owed!), you could risk the future of your business.

There is a fine line between being nice (meet our Light Angel), or being firm (meet our Dark Angel). Whatever your business goals, we can not only meet your targets but also ensure we look after your customer’s needs too when needed.

Credit Management Services

A credit manager can help put a strategy in place to ensure your credit policies and risk levels are appropriate for your business needs and are working effectively, ensuring the exposure to your Company is minimised. Check Our Services page to find out more what an experienced Credit manager can do for your business.

Credit Control

If you just need someone to take care of the day-to-day Cash Collections, our Credit Controllers will act as part of your team and we can also work under a White label to form a seamless bond with your Company. Our Credit specialists can clear your debts with an outstanding success rate of over 85% of cases. We offer cost-effective solutions starting from Solopreneurs to Medium-sized businesses.

Debt Recovery, No Win, No Fee

If you have tried everything but still can’t get the one-off or several invoices paid, and as a last resort, you can turn to our No Win, No Fee, Debt Recovery Service.

Leave the hassle to our Credit team and contact us today, to see how we can help you. Let us turn your Debits into Credits!

SAM Mahmud
SAM Mahmud
13. January, 2022.
Amazing company to deal with. They explained the debt collection process very well and managed my expectation all the way through. A+++ Service
Juhaina Junaid
Juhaina Junaid
13. January, 2022.
Amazing service! Very professional and capable organisation to have beside you if you are running any business and need debt collection/ recovery. Highly recommend.
Dillan Gandhi
Dillan Gandhi
31. August, 2021.
I have worked with Sheila Chadha and her team at The Credit Collections Company for many years. They provide an outstanding level of service that balances the sensitivities around credit management with results. The ultimate sign of a great credit management company? I've had a client ask for The Credit Collections Company's details after they successfully chased an outstanding invoice from them.
Nishit Kotak
Nishit Kotak
4. August, 2021.
The Credit Collections Company deal with Credit Control and Debt Management company in Rayners Lane, London, with an outstanding reputation for sorting out outstanding debts. I spoke with Sheila Chadha to assist me with collection of payment on some outstanding invoices and she has been thorough and professional with her approach. Highly recommend you have a word with them if you need any similar service.

Debt recovery Angel in black with wings and cash

Why Trust a Credit Collections Company?

The Credit Collections Company or The CC Company for short was founded by Sheila Chadha MCICM, a certified member of the Institute of Credit Management. She brings her wealth of knowledge from over 20+ years of experience in credit collection and management under her belt. As a Credit and Collections Manager at large corporations, she has managed to set up long-term credit management strategies and collect millions of pounds of debt. 

Sheila and her team put all their energy and passions into helping SME businesses, to create a healthy position in their cash flow. They act as the credit department of your company and you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Testimonial line: ‘Sheila gets the job done brilliantly whilst maintaining my customer relationships!’ – Dillan Gandhi

Dillan Gandhi

Managing Director, SearchLight London

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